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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
paternity DNA test toronto ontario
paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
paternty DNA testing toronto
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For customers wishing to undergo a paternity test for legal purposes, our laboratory takes charge of coordinating appointments, supplying a chain-of-custody form and following up with the proper documentation. Please note that our laboratory has multiple collection facilities in different parts of Canada. Appointments can usually be accommodated for the same or next day at most locations. A paternity test customer would then be asked to present two pieces of government photo ID at their arranged appointments for proof of identity.

- One Father/One Child (cheek swabs or blood sample) - $385.00 CDN*
- Any additional sample (cheek swabs or blood sample) - add $99.00 CDN*
* - All prices are subject to HST for Canadian residents.

- All results are reported in 5 business days upon receipt of samples.
- Expedited service is available for an additional charge. Inquire at 1-866-362-0577.

Forensic Genetics Center also offers Expert Witness Testimony Service regarding DNA technology. Please call for a quote.

For any additional information or for FREE initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-866-362-0577 or by email at

paternty DNA test Toronto
paternity DNA testing toronto ontario
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paternity DNA testing toronto ontario

CALL US at 1-866-362-0577 or 289-553-5231
SAMPLE COLLECTION HOURS: Mon - Fri, 9 am - 6 pm and Sat. 10 am - 3 pm (requires appointment)

paternity DNA testing toronto ontario

Ontario DNA Test Numbers:

Barrie: 1 866-362-0577 
Brampton: 1 866-362-0577 
Etobicoke: 1 866-362-0577 
Hamilton: 1 866-362-0577 
Markham: 289-553-5231 
Mississauga: 1 866-362-0577 
Newmarket: 1 866-362-0577 

Ontario DNA Test Numbers:

North York: 289-553-5231 
Oakville: 1 866-362-0577 
Richmond Hill: 289-553-5231 
Scarborough: 1 866-362-0577 
Toronto: 289-553-5231 
Vaughan: 289-553-5231 
Whitby: 1 866-362-0577 

Canada DNA Test Numbers:

Alberta: 1 866-362-0577 
Edmonton: 1 866-362-0577 
Montreal: 1 866-362-0577 
Ottawa: 1 866-362-0577 
Saskatoon: 1 866-362-0577 
Vancouver: 1 866-362-0577 
Winnipeg: 1 866-362-0577 

 prenatal paternity DNA testing toronto ontario paternity DNA testing toronto ontario

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